Versatile Coating System - KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor

New product: With KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor, a versatile coating product has come onto the market that can be used as a system coating in industry, trade, and in the private sector.

KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor is a water-based epoxy resin that can be used not only as a primer, a self leveling underlayment, but also as a colored coating for mineral wall and floor surfaces and slightly damp substrates.

This makes it ideal for protecting and designing the surface of concrete in inhabited or commercially used interior spaces (e.g. laboratories, sales rooms, garages or offices). As a system - broadcast with KÖSTER Color-Chips or KÖSTER Anti-Slip Granulate 20 and transparently sealed with KÖSTER CT 127 1-Component Silane Primer - KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor can also be used outdoors when broadcast to rejection and sealed.

With variable layer thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm, it can be used as a coating or as a self-leveling floor. The combination with KÖSTER Color Chips enables different and individual surface designs to be achieved.
KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor is easy and uncomplicated to process (see system data sheet) and has other convincing properties - technically tested:

  • solvent-free
  • VOC-free
  • Slip resistance class R11 (R12 on request)
  • CE certified according to EN 13813: 2002 (synthetic resin screed for indoor use) and EN 1504-2: 2004 (physical resistance 5.1)
  • A wide range of RAL colors and designs available including the use of KÖSTER Color Chips

Associated products: KÖSTER Color-Chips, KÖSTER Filler Fine, KÖSTER Antirutschgranulat 20, KÖSTER CT 127 1-K-Silan Primer

Download the product brochure and find out about specific instructions for use in the system data sheet and technical data sheet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



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