KÖSTER OS 8 coating successfully installed

At the end of September, the KÖSTER OS 8 Floor Coating was installed in the warehouse of Tires & Car service Hinrich Goes in Aurich, Germany. The shelves were not detached or dismounted; however, they were emptied of their contents.

OS 8 coating is a concrete protection system with an increased grip and chemical resistance for traffic areas, e.g. public parking facilities or industrial plants.

At KÖSTER, the system includes the Products KÖSTER CT 121, KÖSTER CT 221, KÖSTER Quartz sand. Since June 23rd, 2017, the system is provided with the full scope of the necessary test certificates.

Three days before the priming, the substrate preparation was carried out by shot-blasting the surface. Within three hours the post-treatment was performed as follows:

  • Supporting areas cleaned
  • Recessed edge areas
  • Total area vacuumed.

The three operations of the first day were performed simultaneously with two mixing stations. The material was distributed over the surface with a notched spreader (60 cm) and evenly broadcast with quartz sand, 0.4 / 0.8 mm.

The following day, the whole area was swept off and vacuumed. Subsequently, the KÖSTER team primed the surface with the low viscosity primer KÖSTER CT 121 filled with KÖSTER Quartz Sand MA 30. Eventually, the entire surface with quartz sand with grading curve of 0.4-0.8 mm was left to cure.

The next day, KÖSTER CT 221 was applied as the top seal with an excellent flow property (also applicable at low temperature).

The following day, the whole area was swept off and vacuumed. The edges and column bases were treated once more within two hours. Finally, the surface was thoroughly squeegied with a rubber lip and re-rolled at the intersections.

We would like to thank our KÖSTER-OS-8 team for the successful mission!


For further product information of the OS 8 coating, please click on the respective product:

KÖSTER CT 121 - part of KÖSTER OS 8 CoatingKÖSER CT 221 - part of KÖSTER OS 8 coatingKÖSTE Quartz Sand - part of KÖSTER OS 8 coating



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